Carpet Flooring in Minneapolis, MN

Finding the Perfect Carpet for Your Environment

Carpeted flooring can elevate any space by adding a luxurious appeal and cozy comfort underfoot. For any designer looking for an attractive flooring solution, we have an expansive commercial and residential collection of carpet solutions in various hues, fibers, pile heights, and designs. Here at INTERSOURCE, Inc., we listen to your design aspirations first and look forward to providing expert insight into flooring solutions that best fit your project parameters from a budget, aesthetic, application and technical basis.

INTERSOURCE, Inc. is located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities area and our flooring experts proudly serve the upper Midwest region of the United States. We carry exclusive brands from top suppliers in the industry, including the Louis A. Dabbieri collection, J. Leigh, Cella, Seldom Seen, Missoni, and Prestige.

Our Extensive Catalog of Carpet Solutions

We've made a name for ourselves here in Minneapolis, MN, as the best place to go for your carpet needs. With our extensive collection of carpet solutions ranging from woven wiltons to cut pile nylons, we are bound to have the perfect floors for your next design project. Our flooring experts will guide you through our incredible selection and will be sure to clarify the various types of carpet fibers and which ones are best for your environment. 

Residential Carpet

We are committed to making your design dreams come true by providing you the best selection of carpet solutions for your client's home. By carefully assessing your client's renovation needs and your project's parameters, we can find the perfect carpet to match your design aesthetic without compromising the durability needed for an active household.

Our residential carpet collection includes:

  • Level Cut Loop: this is a style of carpet that is made by combining looped fibers with cut straight fibers to produce a level surface that provides a nice texture and visual interest.
  • Cut Pile: cut pile carpet is created by cutting looped carpet fibers to produce an upright pile that lends a space a luxurious and formal appearance.
  • Loop Pile: this style of carpet is made from fiber loops that are not sheared and tend to be more durable when exposed to heavy foot traffic.
  • Machine Woven: created with a power loom, machine woven carpets feature uniform stitching patterns that can last for decades if well maintained. 
  • Machine Tufted: designed with a tufting machine, machine tufted rugs are durable enough to withstand the test of time.
  • Hand Woven: hand woven carpets are hand-made through a process of weaving the carpet fibers together. Featuring unique knotting that isn't always exactly uniform, these hand woven rugs are typically more expensive since it is a time-consuming process. 
  • Hand Tuftedmade using a modified hand held drill gun that inserts the pile into a cloth foundation which creates a loop pile, hand tufted carpets are one of a kind.
  • All Natural/Sustainable Materials: our collection of all natural, sustainable rugs are eco-friendly and made from organic materials such as natural wool, cotton, sisal and jute that are gentle on the planet.

Commercial Carpet

With our amazing selection of carpet options, we are uniquely positioned to cater to commercial markets. Given our strong vendor relationships, we have access to the best carpet brands in the industry at cost-effective prices. Our flooring experts can skillfully guide you through our many carpet patterns, fibers, and colors to help you make an informed decision for your design environment.

Our commercial carpet collection includes:

  • Commercial Carpet Tile
    • Cushion Back
    • Hard Back
  • Commercial Broadloom
    • Attached Cushion
    • Action Back
  • Track-off Carpet
    • Tile
    • Broadloom

The Ease of Carpet Maintenance and Installation

The benefits of having a carpet floor are endless, from the hassle-free maintenance to its soft feeling underfoot and acoustical properties. A carpet not only adds a luxurious look to any room but also has the advantage of promoting a cleaner indoor environment as it works to filter out potential allergy-causing particles. 

As soon as you have selected your residential or commercial carpet solution, your account manager will work with our team of production experts to ensure a quick and proficient flooring installation. We have over 200 years of combined experience in the industry and offer the industry's best warranties to back our detailed craftsmanship. Our labor sources are hand-selected from the very best talent in the region. We offer a five-year labor warranty on commercial installations and a ten-year labor warranty on residential installations.