Don Hannah

Don Hannah, Project Director

Don Hannah wearing a white polo shirt, standing in front of a gold backdrop and holding a fishing pole.

Steady. Reliable. Hardworking. Dedicated. Just a few words to describe a man who, for over 23 years, diligently earned his living working for one local floor covering company. Throughout the duration, he gained a breadth of experience and knowledge and in 2008 he brought it all with him to INTERSOURCE. Since that time, INTERSOURCE has been the beneficiary of his mastery of estimating, his acute attention to detail, his expertise providing and scheduling labor sources to residential clients and his continued relationship with those professional installers. Of course, with him also comes his natural inclination to put down roots and grow within a company.

Devoted. Interested. Present. Proud. Just a few words to describe Don’s take on fatherhood. Although Don is a man with many interests, including fishing, boating, and numerous ongoing projects, when his children are with him, that’s what he does – he’s a father first and foremost. He is determined to live the advice once given to him: What we do in life, echoes in eternity. Clearly, his children, as well as INTERSOURCE, will reap the benefits of his steady, unfaltering ways..ays…ays…ays…ays… 

  • Year started in industry: 1985
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2008