Eric W. Flom

Eric W. Flom, Founder

Founder Eric W. Flom of Intersource standing in front of gold backdrop, leaning against bicycle

Eric has always appreciated wide open spaces. A purist at heart, he likes to fill those spaces with the fundamental things: long off-road bike rides, fishing trips, sweeping views of nature, children laughing and playing without filters, music of all genres, family, and close friends. These idyllic moments help provide a steadiness to an otherwise busy work life. Eric is active providing direction and strategic planning to INTERSOURCE while also supporting its efforts as the Chief Financial Officer and as the in-house information technology point-person. His expert knowledge in the area of floor coverings and project management also makes him a great resource for the sales team. 

Determined to create a solid company with stable growth, he revels at each milestone he and his wife have crossed as business partners. He recalls the celebration of going from one computer to two, the exhilaration of having an actual office located somewhere, anywhere, outside of his basement, to the recent INTERSOURCE relocation to the beautiful International Market Square where he was able to utilize his U of M design degree and architectural experience. Eric has always liked wide open spaces, and he likes to fill those spaces with the fundamental things: employees with good heads and hearts, a strong work ethic, great vendors, exceptional installers, and terrific clients…and overblown, simply framed photos from his mountain bike adventures don’t hurt either.

  • Year started in industry: 1984
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 1996