Gail Dellis

Gail Dellis, Account Director

Gail Dellis wearing a blue collared shirt, standing in front of a gold backdrop and holding a framed photo.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a Business Administration degree, Gail moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she worked as an assistant buyer. When the department store was bought out, Gail returned to her home state of Minnesota with an optimistic determination to explore other opportunities that made better use of her skills. 

Sometimes opportunity just ploughs into you from out of nowhere with big feet and a kindly voice saying, “Pardon me, but I’ve come to shift your life in remarkable ways if you’ll have me.” One day you are a freelance makeup artist supplementing your small business by assisting in a wholesale showroom and the next thing you know you are the one running the showroom. When the showroom owner suddenly left the business, Gail saw an opportunity and jumped right in. She needed to prove herself quickly, so using tenacity and a clever pitch, she secured a major appointment for her first meeting with the national sales manager. The meeting was a success, and to her bosses delight, she hit a bullseye and the products are now lining the shelves of none other than Target. 

That’s how Gail’s sales career commenced: An unexpected turn of events and a challenge she bravely accepted. For twenty years, she honed her skills, traveling to accounts all over the country and loving every moment. She had said yes, and her life expanded exponentially. There have been other yeses along the way. Yes to marrying a wonderful man and having two beautiful daughters with him. Yes to Pilates, to restoring old furniture, to family dinners and annual cross country road trips; yes to doing the best she can each day, and the list goes on. Gail also said yes to being an Account Director at INTERSOURCE, and with that one we have all hit the bullseye! 

  • Year started in industry: 2017
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2017