Greta Winkelman

Greta Winkelman, Showroom Specialist

Greta Winkelman of Intersource <p>standing in front of gold backdrop, holding heart-shaped art, wearing black dress

Greta wishes she could get by on five hours of sleep, because there’s just so much to do! Outside of work, she loves shopping, and exploring, and working out at the gym, and making dinner, and eating out, and hanging with friends, and hanging with her fiancé, and going to the movies, or a play, or just relaxing on the couch watching Netflix. And wouldn’t it be amazing if she could squeeze all that into a perfect day, everyday.

Instead, Greta has found a way to make perfect moments, everyday. By being deliberate and avoiding self-limiting beliefs, Greta is on a slow, patient path to creating the life she imagines. And she’s good at creating things. From making elaborate doll houses out of shoe boxes with her younger sister when she was just a girl, to creating her own dream-home floor plan, and launching a lifestyle blog back in her senior year of High School. Greta has always known the life she imagines will include a career related to design.

Attending college with the intention of learning how to build her own business, Greta received an Accounting degree and participated in a selective Entrepreneurial program at the College of Saint Benedict. She continues her journey forward here at INTERSOURCE as the Showroom Specialist where she makes every day in the showroom a little more perfect.

  • Year started in industry: 2020
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2020