The Orchestration of Intersource

Nancy often considers herself a conductor. Day in and day out she subtly communicates her interpretation of the company through leadership and clear direction.

She is also one of the composers. In 1996 she began the company as sole proprietor going by the name INTERSPACE Design Services. Eric partnered soon after. Together they offered floor covering along with space planning and design services in order to utilize their Interior Design degrees. Shortly after Eric aligned, they reformatted their company, letting go of the interior design aspects in order to expand their business to the Interior Design professional, along with the Architect, Builder/Remodeler and General Contractor. This syncopation lead to the origination of INTERSOURCE, Inc.

From Nancy’s experience working in commercial design, including completion of the NCIDQ, followed by retail floor covering sales experience at her father’s company, coupled with Eric’s experience working his way through college in a carpet warehouse and later employment at architectural design firms, they recognized the need for an independent, full-service, floor covering dealership designed specifically to service the trade. A company that was education focused to assure a successful project for their client. A company less ordinary.

Also less ordinary is the fact that Eric and Nancy have been business partners since 1997, have been married since 1988, and commenced their courtship in 1981. They have a lengthy history, and have learned how to operate as a balanced team. Common goals, but different strengths, they have figured out which is which:

  • Nancy is the up-tempo. She focuses on marketing for commercial and residential projects. She is the relationship builder; be it with reps, clients, installers, current employees or the future ones. She’s the motivational speaker and future strategic planner. She’s the financial overseer and the human resource department all wrapped into one.
  • Eric is the down beat. (But he’s no down beat!) He is the relationship maintainer; focusing on accounts payable and receivable, troubleshooting, and resolving technical issues on the residential side. On the commercial side he fulfills many of the same roles along with drumming up business and strategizing with the sales team. He is INTERSOURCE’s information technology guru. He takes care of everything from basic PC and networking to equipment procurement and designing applications to suit the objectives and goals of INTERSOURCE. He also provides strategic planning for the future of the business.

Eric and Nancy have a thoughtful, rich, history of working together to create something of value for an industry they have come to know comprehensively; two very different roles to amplify their strengths; two very different rhythms. One harmonic company.