Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson, CFO

CFO Jim Johnson of Intersource <p>standing in front of gold backdrop, holding golf club and wearing bright pink golf shirt

Once realizing the glory days of being an “All Conference” star in hockey and baseball were long behind him, Jim thought it wise to follow the path his bachelor degree in Individualized Studies at the U of MN had led him down. Combining Financial Economics, Organizational Sociology, and Small Business Entrepreneurship allowed him the best mix of disciplines to achieve his hefty goals; or truthfully, was the only sure way to avoid a foreign language requirement.

With a well-rounded work history, from hospitality to manufacturing & distribution to everything in between, Jim joined INTERSOURCE in 2004 and remained as General Manager/Controller until 2012. Gone but not forgotten, he moonlighted with INTERSOURCE for the next seven years doing high-level accounting on a bi-monthly, contract basis. Now he’s back where he belongs, fulfilling the role of CFO for the company, and the team couldn’t be more pleased.

Here at INTERSOURCE, Jim’s ethical, communicative, common sense personality align perfectly to provide the leadership required to manage and grow a small business. Now he can balance nearly everything: a beer in one hand, a golf club in another, all atop a snowmobile gliding across the lake of his family-owned cabin of 50+ years as he happily admires his two grown children up for a visit. At least, he thinks that’s them... he’s speeding along quite quickly on his sled. He hears them shouting “papá, vuelva por favor…” but he doesn’t know what they're saying.

  • Year started in industry: 2004
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2004