Sarah Oerter

Sarah Oerter, Account Director

Sarah Oerter wearing a green sweater, standing in front of a gold backdrop and holding an electric blender.

Put Sarah in the driver’s seat (because she likes to drive) and her husband in the passenger one (because he much prefers not to) as they navigate the country by way of maps—no, that’s not a typo for apps, we’re talking the actual paper ones we all used to have cluttered in our glove box, but most of us tossed in the recycle bin years ago. Sarah loves herself a good road trip. The hum of the road, some edgy music on the radio, the untethered possibility to be surprised. Sarah loves the discovery! 

Over the years she’s been surprised to discover a few things about herself as well. Like after twenty years of working for a health insurance company, her newly married self was enamored with the remodel process of their new home and was inspired to go back to school to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. Like while in the program, she thought she would never be able to present to a group of people out of fear of public speaking, only to discover the fear was worked right out of her from repeated presentations and now she’s actually quite good at it. Like after graduating, she landed in a sales role at a floor/paint company because new opportunity was slim for interior designers while the economy was still tanking, and she quickly became taken with the process of helping clients select what they needed. She was surprised to discover that floor covering was her niche! 

Which eventually led her to INTERSOURCE where she is an Account Director helping others discover what’s available to them in the floor covering world. A wonderful world where Sarah doesn’t need a map or an app, just the drive to do what she loves.

  • Year started in industry: 2013
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2017