Tom Gross

Tom Gross, Account Director

Tom Gross of Intersource wearing blue collared shirt, standing in front of a gold backdrop and holding a fishing pole.

“Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.” – Vince Lombardi 

This quote encapsulates Tom to a T. Not only is he an avid football fan and former player, but his parents instilled in him these very same qualities during his ideal upbringing – one with summers spent at the lake, an active and close pack of great friends, lots of opportunity for fun, and a very supportive and hardworking family. In turn, he hopes to rub-off on his future children in much the same way, with hopes that they, too, will be well-rounded adults living productive lives; and then they rub off on their children and so on and so forth – creating a legacy of good and diligent kinfolk.

Graduating with a Marketing Degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Tom has used his broad knowledge of business to aid him in his subsequent employment. He comes to INTERSOURCE with a background in Inventory Management Equipment sales as well as Recruitment. His sights are set on making a name for himself within the floor covering industry; or, a better way to put it for this former competitive athlete: Tom wants to become a major player in his field. He wants to be your trusted teammate for whom you can pass the ball (flooring solution) and feel confident he will protect it from the kick-off, stiff-arming away any obstacles, avoiding blocks, tackles, fumbles, and interceptions until your project has culminated in a perfect, well-executed, touchdown.

  • Year started in industry: 2015
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2015