Victoria Fritz

Victoria Fritz, Expediter Specialist

Victoria Fritz of Intersource <p>standing in front of gold backdrop, holding office supplies, wearing white shirt and green sweater

Victoria has a couple of crafty grandmothers. We’re not talking sly or devious, we’re talking good with scissors, glue sticks, paper, yarn, glitter, and the like. Her summers spent at the lake often culminated with her and her cousins collaging foraged items into pieces of art. Victoria’s love of all things art was instilled early on and has gained momentum ever since.

And Victoria understands about moving things forward at a rapid pace. She is a detailed planner who was able to plan her way into getting a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and minors in both Speech-Language-Hearing Science and Neuroscience—all within three years! All from The University of Minnesota; all by paying close attention to how her course credits aligned.

With diverse interests, underscored by her love of art and design, Victoria’s varied post-college work experience led her to INTERSOURCE. Here she feels she can settle in and let all she’s learning about the industry marinate, while also completing a 2-year program in Interior Design. Having a solid but flexible plan, alignment, and positivity, Victoria is rapidly well on her way to achieving her many goals (which also includes dogs, travel, kids, and more).

  • Year started in industry: 2019
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2019