Our People

Nancy J. Nelsen-Flom, Founder

Imagine for a moment, a young girl tossing aside baby dolls and dress up clothes to gather up the scraps brought home from her father’s flooring business. Imagine a table covered with leftover window treatments, wall coverings, and flooring samples, and a little golden-haired girl hard at work creating her very own interior designs. Imagine her many years later, with the same determination and innovation to create something of value, but this time for a trade she has come to know inside and out.

An honors graduate of the University of Minnesota, Nancy’s work as an interior designer for architectural and interior design firms was followed by experience as a project manager for a retail floor covering dealership. After developing an in-depth technical floor covering background, she realized how beneficial this information would have been to her while working as a designer. With an emphasis on fairness, she was resolute on forming a floor covering dealership to relate specifically to the trade; hence the inception of INTERSOURCE in 1996.

Now imagine Nancy away from the office. A spry mother of two who likes to have FUN! She has eclectic taste in music, loves to host a good party, prefers a workout to a cup of coffee in the morning, and whenever the opportunity arises, hops a plane with her husband and children in tow and travels to remote vacation destinations. Flash forward 30 years…Imagine a woman with some proudly worn, well-earned laugh lines, her toes in the sand, waves at her feet, sipping a Pina Colada while enjoying the beach life of Troncones, Mexico. It’s her dream, but it’s certainly not hard to imagine.

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Eric W. Flom, Founder

Eric has always appreciated wide open spaces. A purist at heart, he likes to fill those spaces with the fundamental things: long off-road bike rides, fishing trips, sweeping views of nature, children laughing and playing without filters, music of all genres, family, and close friends. These idyllic moments help provide a steadiness to an otherwise busy work life. Eric is active providing direction and strategic planning to INTERSOURCE while also supporting its efforts as the Chief Financial Officer and as the in-house information technology point-person. His expert knowledge in the area of floor coverings and project management also makes him a great resource for the sales team. 

Determined to create a solid company with stable growth, he revels at each milestone he and his wife have crossed as business partners. He recalls the celebration of going from one computer to two, the exhilaration of having an actual office located somewhere, anywhere, outside of his basement, to the recent INTERSOURCE relocation to the beautiful International Market Square where he was able to utilize his U of M design degree and architectural experience. Eric has always liked wide open spaces, and he likes to fill those spaces with the fundamental things: employees with good heads and hearts, a strong work ethic, great vendors, exceptional installers, and terrific clients…and overblown, simply framed photos from his mountain bike adventures don’t hurt either.

Don Hannah, Project Director

Steady. Reliable. Hardworking. Dedicated. Just a few words to describe a man who, for over 23 years, diligently earned his living working for one local floor covering company. Throughout the duration, he gained a breadth of experience and knowledge and in 2008 he brought it all with him to INTERSOURCE. Since that time, INTERSOURCE has been the beneficiary of his mastery of estimating, his acute attention to detail, his expertise providing and scheduling labor sources to residential clients and his continued relationship with those professional installers.  

Of course, with him also comes his natural inclination to put down roots and grow within a company.

Devoted. Interested. Present. Proud. Just a few words to describe Don’s take on fatherhood. Although Don is a man with many interests, including fishing, boating, and numerous ongoing projects, when his children are with him, that’s what he does - he’s a father first and foremost. He is determined to live the advice once given to him: What we do in life, echoes in eternity. Clearly, his children, as well as INTERSOURCE, will reap the benefits of his steady, unfaltering ways..ays...ays...ays...ays...

Becky Hoyne, Account Director

Becky grew up having to dispel the rumors that would follow her from town to town each time anyone heard she was from Alaska. No, she was not born in an igloo. A serviceman’s daughter, she spent the first 13 years of her life moving from Alaska to Nebraska, New York, England, and Morocco until finally settling in to Minnesota for good. Learning early on to make the best of her surroundings, she decided to get a degree in Interior Design.

Gradually shifting her career to the flooring industry, Becky joined INTERSOURCE in 2002 with over 20 years of commercial and residential sales experience. She brings a strong emphasis on project management and value engineering, and a personal motto: work hard, be honest, and try not to worry.

She enjoys having persevered through many of life’s hurdles, especially the raising of children. Now she delights in sitting back and watching her son and daughter become wonderful, functional human beings with budding families of their own. Becky loves gardening, hiking, boating, and fishing, but this is not to say she likes roughing it; Give her a cabin with amenities, or give her nothing at all; A dome-shaped dwelling built from blocks of packed snow would definitely not cut it.

Jean L. Nead, Account Director

From a pudgy, full-blooded Italian kid working as a cherry sorter in her small Ohio town, for a whopping dollar an hour, to graduating with honors from Eastern Michigan University on a full academic scholarship and later having a long, successful career as a Realtor, Jean has seen the pendulum swing to both sides of the spectrum. She has come to know what’s most important in her life: a good cup of coffee, a good show, some good food, (and that means healthy food – no more bleached flour or refined sugar for Jean, much to her coworkers chagrin; many a morning muffin has been left to crumble and perish due to the “Jean” influence) and most important to Jean is staying active while nurturing and broadening her deep circle of friends.  

After a long stint of living and working in various cities, Jean joined INTERSOURCE in 2004 with over 10 years of residential floor covering experience and a practical, communicative approach to the flooring industry. Forthcoming, honest, and thorough, Jean excels in project managing from the selection of materials and budgeting, through the completion of installation. Just don’t ask her about the ingredients on the back of that frozen entree you’re planning to zap in the microwave for lunch – you may not like what you hear.

Tom Gross, Account Director

“Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.” – Vince Lombardi

This quote encapsulates Tom to a T. Not only is he an avid football fan and former player, but his parents instilled in him these very same qualities during his ideal upbringing – one with summers spent at the lake, an active and close pack of great friends, lots of opportunity for fun, and a very supportive and hardworking family. In turn, he hopes to rub-off on his future children in much the same way, with hopes that they, too, will be well-rounded adults living productive lives; and then they rub off on their children and so on and so forth – creating a legacy of good and diligent kinfolk.

Graduating with a Marketing Degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Tom has used his broad knowledge of business to aid him in his subsequent employment. He comes to INTERSOURCE with a background in Inventory Management Equipment sales as well as Recruitment. His sights are set on making a name for himself within the floor covering industry; or, a better way to put it for this former competitive athlete: Tom wants to become a major player in his field. He wants to be your trusted teammate for whom you can pass the ball (flooring solution) and feel confident he will protect it from the kick-off, stiff-arming away any obstacles, avoiding blocks, tackles, fumbles, and interceptions until your project has culminated in a perfect, well-executed, touchdown.

  • Year started in industry: 2015
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2015

Erin Jarvis, Project Supervisor

Erin is living a country song. In a year’s time, well…”she got hitched, got a good dog, bought a house, bought a truck, had a cute baby who is rulin’, and her life is good – no foolin’.”

And like a country song, Erin’s a straight-shooter and a get-it-done kind of girl. From the time she was five years old she was finding ways to solve problems, from rearranging furniture to repurposing found objects to make things look and work better. She comes to INTERSOURCE with these same problem-solving skills. Incredibly self-motivated and self-reliant, she is able to effectively manage all that comes her way in her role of Project Supervisor. With her degree in Interior Design from the University of Northern Iowa and a rich history of work experience in the industry, INTERSOURCE is fortunate to have such a capable and resourceful person as part of our team.

Sing it with us —

“Erin’s a go-gettin’, getter-done, gotta keep movin’ kind of girl, who’s as quick as a wink, sharp as a tack, and a rising star in the floor coverin’ world.”

Ah yes, she’s a country song…a sweet country song.

  • Year started in industry: 2000
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2014

Stacy Thielen, Accounting Specialist

It's not hard to see why INTERSOURCE keeps coming back to Stacy. Reliable, quick to laugh, easy-going and efficient, she was INTERSOURCE’s second-ever employee, helping them with their bookkeeping and administrative needs. Since its inception, Stacy has come and gone three different times. The reason: little kids, of course. In an effort to provide the same stability and chaos-free flow her and her sister experienced growing up, she has made them her biggest priority. Lucky for everyone, with her son and daughter a little bit older, she’s able to join the INTERSOURCE team, yet again, now assisting Eric with accounts payable and receivable.

Many years ago, while studying at St. Cloud State University towards a degree in Social Work, Stacy found herself plumping up her resume with volunteer work at a home for elders with Alzheimer. It was there that she met Lilly-the-nun, a very sweet woman who often mistook Stacy for another holy sister. Unbeknownst to Lilly-the-nun, Stacy has carried around a saying she taught her all those years ago: "Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can. Seldom found in a woman; never in a man."

Working with a nice team and with men who defy Lilly-the-nun's quote, it’s not hard to see why Stacy keeps coming back to INTERSOURCE. It's become a good habit, so to speak.

Krista Thorburn, Project Specialist

Krista has a great attitude. She has learned to let go and let life unfold. This philosophy has served her well in many factions of her life, especially while raising her two lovely daughters, now nearly fully grown. She has allowed them to be who they are without trying to massage them into a version she prefers. In this light, they have bloomed.

Now, it’s Krista’s turn. After many years away from the industry, she’s back at International Market Square (IMS) where she briefly worked following her Interior Design degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and various positions within the industry. It wasn’t long before the baby adventure began and she chose to make that her full-time job. Now she’s back in the building and is a warm and welcoming addition to the INTERSOURCE team. With her sunny disposition, the rest of us can’t help but lean towards the sunshine and also bloom.

When not running the INTERSOURCE showroom and allowing the team to lean on her in many ways, you might catch a glimpse of Krista whizzing by on her Vespa alongside her husband while the two of them explore the city, or perhaps you might bump into her walking her sweet French Bulldog, Pepper; or reading a good book for her long-standing book club. Or, if you’re lucky, you might catch Krista in the thick of the garden when the weather is warm – helping things bloom, of course.

Sarah Oerter, Account Director

Put Sarah in the driver’s seat (because she likes to drive) and her husband in the passenger one (because he much prefers not to) as they navigate the country by way of maps—no, that’s not a typo for apps, we’re talking the actual paper ones we all used to have cluttered in our glove box, but most of us tossed in the recycle bin years ago. Sarah loves herself a good road trip. The hum of the road, some edgy music on the radio, the untethered possibility to be surprised. Sarah loves the discovery!

Over the years she’s been surprised to discover a few things about herself as well. Like after twenty years of working for a health insurance company, her newly married self was enamored with the
remodel process of their new home and was inspired to go back to school to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. Like while in the program, she thought she would never be able to present to a group of people out of fear of public speaking, only to discover the fear was worked right out of her from repeated presentations and now she’s actually quite good at it. Like after graduating, she landed in a sales role at a floor/paint company because new opportunity was slim for interior designers while the economy was still tanking, and she quickly became taken with the process of helping clients select what they needed. She was surprised to discover that floor covering was her niche!

Which eventually led her to INTERSOURCE where she is an Account Director helping others discover what’s available to them in the floor covering world. A wonderful world where Sarah doesn’t need a map or an app, just the drive to do what she loves.

  • Year started in industry: 2013
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2017

Rachel Phipps, Project Specialist

Get to know Rachel and you get to know a person who openly thrives in an environment that encourages play, embraces vulnerability, and relies heavily on the power of trust and human connection to increase confidence. These wonderful qualities permeate through all aspects of Rachel’s life, but none more evident than when she partakes in a partner form of yoga called AcroYoga. AcroYoga—translated to mean “Highest Union”— involves three people working together to form a base, a flyer, and a spotter. To help imagine what this looks like, think back to childhood: Your dad/uncle/brother is on his back with his legs in the air and his feet to your belly, his hands clasped around yours while you fly above him, pretending to be a superhero, or an airplane, or an exotic bird; and you are having a spectacular time. Back to now, and think adults working together on intricate poses while being balanced by another person in a similar fashion. They are also having a spectacular time! In her off hours, if Rachel isn’t practicing or teaching ArcoYoga, she is likely in the midst of some other activity, say biking, walking, or working out.

Rachel stays active at INTERSOURCE as well, helping to run the showroom and as an integral part of the production team. She balances (as she’s prone to do) all her contributions to INTERSOURCE by incorporating the many qualities she’s honed so well through her active lifestyle: give and receive; support and be supported; utilize equal parts strength and equal parts sensitivity.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design and experience working within the industry, including a local design/build company where she gained vast knowledge and inspiration, and later at a large corporation where she learned what she did and did not want to do, Rachel is well-equip to support INTERSOURCE (base) as it helps elevate the design community (flyer), all while being encouraged by the community at large (spotter).  And while interacting to expertly form this trusted “highest union”, we hope all will have a spectacular time!

  • Year started in industry: 2012
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2017